Ping-Pong Software - Jhalak Online Ping-Pong Management Software

Jhalak Ping Pong Manager is online Ping Pong management software designed to help conduct, organize, and manage large – small size tournaments. The software is built with a vision to help Tournament Organizers to conduct tournaments, perform numerous other activities to run a successful tournament. It also helps the Organizers and Players coordinate, communicate and stay updated with information on the happening tournaments around them.

Here is a snapshot from the Jhalak Ping Pong Manager, showing the two major roles that are focused on bringing in excellence, ease and fun in the game.
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This guide will help you (a registered Jhalak Ping Pong user) to know more in depth details on how to perform some of the major activities that you might use on the portal for the specific role you have signed up for. The manual covers details about an Organizer and Player.


Tournament Organizer is the person interested in conducting/ organizing and managing the Tournament/s. In order to perform any of activities related to the tournament as Organizer,

Fill the Form and Sign up as an Organizer •Organizer can register by using the Sign-up page of
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Note: Needs to fill in all details appropriately on this page, fields marked with asterisk* are mandatory and need to be filled. User must review and “User Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” and click on Submit. * Shows an message – “Activation link has been sent to your mail “, once your form successfully submitted
  • •Log in your inbox and verify your details using click on the activation link from email and wait for Approved mail from Jhalak Team.
  • •You will receive a mail, shows your successfully registration approvals in as an organizer, so that you can login with your registered credentials to access the Organizer functionality.
Organizer Control Panel and Dash Board
Organizer Control Panel consists of various other features that can help the organizer change/ manage his/ her tournaments including his Dash Board.
Dash Board
Dashboard to display all the details as About Organizer, List of Tournaments, Committees, Tournament Documents, Invited Players, and Requested to Join Players, List of Players Finalized, Grounds/Venues, Pools, Tournament Sponsors, Schedules, Results and Tournament Winner.
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Tournaments of Control panel, a complete set of multiple tournament operations including creations, add leagues, grounds and update his tournaments.
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Create Tournament
Here the Organizer needs to provide the Tournament details, such as Tournament Name, Description, Enroll Last Date, No. of Players, Tournament Start & End Dates, Tournament Logo and Playing Rules (pdf file).

After filling in all the necessary details on the tournament creation page, click on “Pay Now” option to pay the JHALAK fee. The page will now be redirected to an Authorized Payment Gateway system PayPal.
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Complete all the necessary steps as provided on the screen for a successful payment and once a payment is processed successfully, you will be automatically redirected back to JHALAK. The user will be redirected back to the Tournament Organizer Dashboard page.
Add League
A League is sub set game of tournament, also prescribes the type of game it is,

Jhalak Ping Pong Manager Supports League Types Men’s Single, Women’s Single, Men’s double, Women’s Double, Mixed Doubles, Junior Boys Singles, Junior Girls Single, Junior Boys Doubles, Junior Girls Double and Junior Mixed League Types

Jhalak Ping Pong Manager Supports League wise scheduling, the types of scheduling are Manual, Round Robin, Single Elimination and Mixed Scheduling.
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Note 1: Organizer should specify the Leagues to the concern Tournament. Select the Tournament, League Type, Scheduling Type, League Start Date, League End Date and Tournament Rules then click on Submit.

2. The same form shows the List of all leagues added to concern tournament with edit option
Update Tournament
If any modifications have to be changed organizer can edit and update them in update Tournament page with the limited fields as he mentioned in Create tournament form.
Add Venue/Grounds
Organizer can add Venues/Field and Ground by entering the Name, Short Name and Location of Venues, then click on Add button.
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Note: No restriction on the number of grounds an Organizer can add to the tournament.

The venue will be added and displayed below (if anything to update in Venue details you can click on Edit option and update it again).
Player Management - Players
Player Management – Players of the organizer control panel to manage and organize the his tournament players leagues wise,

Here, he can invite players to join his Tournaments / Leagues, can retrieve the requests for the players, to finalize the Player for his tourney and Grouping (Making the Teams)
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Invite Players
Once tournament created, Leagues added, Organizer will be able to perform the next activity - Invite Players. By filling the details like First Name, Last Name, Location and Email id on Invite Players page or Organizer can use his existed players, which is under the Players Menu by clicking Invite Button.
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Note1: The Organizer can invite the new players by entering Player Name, Location, and E-Mail ID, then click on Invite Button. Or The Organizer can invite players from seed data below of the screen, by clicking Invite & Confirm button Player(s)

2. The New Player will get email confirmation mail and he will be accommodated with all his dash board as a player
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Note : The list of invited players. Once all the Players are selected, a consolidated view of all the players selected for the League can be viewed at the end of the page.

Here, For USA Organizers, the concerned invited existed players receives an email with tournament Waiver. The new players receive only the Activation Link to accept the Invitation along with waiver form. – In both cases, Players need to sign the waiver and they must accept the invitation from their dashboards to join in tournaments / leagues.
Joined Players
Joined Players: Is a Set of Invitation accepted Players and Joined Request from NON invited Players (Generally happens from Jhalak Registered Players)

When a Players accepts or request to join on his dashboard, it will be displayed here (Tournament Organizers – Joined Player(s) page) to finalize the players those will be participating. Organize can finalize his players to concerned tournament and League.
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Note1: The Joined Players: Is a Set of Invitation accepted Players and Joined Request from NON invited Players (Generally happens from Jhalak Registered Players) or a player request to join
Group Players – Teaming
There will be Singles and Doubles playing in Ping Pong Matches. So, in order to make the players to doubles, we introduced an option as Group Players. Here organizer can select the Tournament, League and Player1 with Player2 and click on Submit to Group them for Doubles leagues, Also Group Player have edit option too,
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This page helps list out all the Player(s) that are committed to the league tournament. An organizer can view the list of Player(s) from a specific League by selecting the league name from the list shown.
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Pool Management / Seeding
Pool Management will be applicable only for Round Robin and Manual Scheduling Types. Single elimination scheduling type usually set to a Knock Out format. Our scheduling algorithm will automatically move the winning Player(s) to the next level and the losing Player(s) will be dropped from the Knockout Tournament.

In Round Robin and Manual Scheduling types, due to a large number of players participating, it is recommended that the players be pooled to better organize games. An Organizer can assign a minimum of 2 pools for a tournament.

Pools Management
In order to better manage more Player(s) in a Round-Robin format, the Organizer can create pools on this page. Once a pool is created, players/groups can be moved to respective pools both automatically or manually.
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Once the pools are filled with Player(s), the organizer can have a complete view of all Player(s) allotted to a pool.
Assign Seed
Seeding option is available for the Organizer to give priority to Player(s) and while pooling can Buy-In/ Buy-out Player(s) based on various factors / rules as per the tournament. Supports for Knockout Scheduling only
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Organizer Control Panel –Scheduling Management

Jhalak Ping Pong Manager – Scheduler, Is well versioned designed for Ping Pong Management Auto scheduling software is a prestigious internal tool of our Jhalak Ping Pong tournament management software system which creates league Brackets.
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After finalizing the Joined Players, Organizer can move to scheduling. If the Leagues type is Manual, go to Manual Scheduler. Else, click on Auto Scheduling option for Round Robin, single elimination, Mixed Scheduling types.
Manual Scheduler
The Organizer can manually schedule the matches. The list of all scheduled matches will be displayed at bottom of the page.
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Auto Scheduler
It Supports Round Robin, Single Elimination and Mixed Schedule Types. Select you’re league Type and it will redirect you to the Schedule page. Select the League, Match Level, then check the Player(s) List and click on Auto Schedule. After clicking on Auto Schedule, the list of Scheduled matches will be displayed as shown below.
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Note1: This option has the capability to automatically schedule the matches based on Players/Groups Count (Number of Players enrolled/ finalized for a league).
Battle box – Level Management
This option is used to move up the level of matches. Ex: After playing all the League Matches, in order to move the Player(s) to the Quarter Final, this option is used.
List of Scheduled Matches
In this page, the list of scheduled matches will be shown including Status.
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If needed, the organizer can edit the Matches by clicking on View/Edit schedule option. Also, can delete that particular schedule with Delete Schedule feature. Editing Match Schedules will be for editing dates and venue only. This option is available only for the Tournament Organizer
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If you choose to click on Send Schedules to Player(s) option, the schedules will be sent to Player(s) by E-mail.
Score Card
After scheduling the matches, Organizer/ committee can enter the scores for matches.
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Score Entry
Select the Tournament -> Select League -> Select the Match Level -> and click on Result Pending button of a particular match. Then it will redirect you to the Toss Decision Page, where you have to provide Toss Winner, Toss Loser, Toss Decision, Umpires, Commentator, Home /Away/Neutral Teams. Click on Submit. It will display Continue.
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Here the score entry form will be displayed according to Toss Decision you have entered. Enter the set wise points and set win by.
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Score Entry
Select the Match output, Winning Player(s), Winning Player(s) Points, Losing Player(s), Losing Player(s) Points then provide the Match Summary and click on Submit.
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On Submitting the Scorecard, it will display the detailed scorecard at the bottom as shown below.
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View Full Scorecard
Using this option, you can view the Scores and Results for all the completed matches of a league in the tournament.
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Points & Ratings and League Winner will be displayed here
Points and Ratings
Select the Tournament from the list and it will display the Team Name, Matches Played, and Points Won.
League Winner
After completing the League with all matches scheduled to be played, Player of the Match/Series options can be selected to generate the players and submit the Tournament Winner. From the list Select the Tournament Name, League Name & Player(s), then click on Save.
Sponsor Management
Organizers can add the Tournament Sponsors on this page; Sponsors need to have a Title, Image to be displayed on the tournament page. Sponsors can be of different types like Silver, Gold, Platinum or Title Sponsors.
Add Sponsors
Enter the Sponsor details and click on Create. Once a sponsor is created successfully, the name of the sponsor will be displayed as shown below on the Add Sponsor page. To update the Sponsor information click on Edit in the table as show in.
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Manage Sponsors
Here the Organizer can manage the Sponsors by Tournament. Assign the Trophy Sponsors by selecting Tournament Name, Trophy Sponsor Name, and Description then clicks on Assign Trophy Sponsor. An organizer can delete the sponsor by clicking the delete option.
This provides an option for the Organizer to publish any News or Notifications to all/ one of the Players (Ex: If the League is Postponed/Canceled). Once the Organizer posts the News on this page, it will be sent to all the Players in the associated League through email id).
Write News:
An Organizer should first select the Tournament from the list, write the Subject, Summary and click on Publish. An e-mail will be sent to the Players in the particular League/Tournament. The notifications can also be broadcasted on the Tournament Page.
Create Photo Album:
Here, the Organizers can upload the Tournament Pictures by selecting the Tournament name from the list, choose a file from your local computer and click on Upload button. Images will be displayed in the Tournament & Photo Gallery page.
Create Video Album:
Organizer can upload the Tournament videos by selecting the Tournament from the list, give a good title to the video, then copy the video URL from YouTube and click on Upload button.
About Committee
It is the Organizer Profile Page. He can edit/update the information, change the password and add Committee Members.
About Organizer
Update information like Name, Short Name, Logo, Website, Contact Person, Address, Contact Number, and Description. Click on Submit to save changes permanently.
Change Password
Organizer can change the password by entering the Current Password, New Password, and Confirm Password. All fields are mandatory on this page. Once the password is changed, we suggest you to log in and ensure that the changes are applied.
Committee Members
Enter the Committee Member Name, Position (Ex: Secretary, Manager, etc.), Contact Number, Email, Address, Photo, About Member and click on Submit. You can view the list of committee members assigned in the view detail page and Dash Board


Ping Pong Management System - Jhalak Ping Pong Players
Jhalak planning to maintain a player track record history of an individual player for a long period, It provides a platform for the players to send a request to join Leagues of the Tournament and Provide controls to accept the Invitation from organizers.
Players can register /Signup in Jhalak into Ways
  • •By Sign up form
  • •By Getting the Invitation as Player from Organizer
A Ping Pong Player has to sign up the Jhalak portal and create an active account.
Image comes here
Enter all necessary details like First Name, Last Name, Email Id, Short Name, Date of Birth, Select the Playing role, Enter Contact Number, Address, and Description, Upload a Photo, Give Password and Confirm the Password. Provide all the fields correctly and check the box for “User Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” and then click on Submit Button. Once the request is posted successfully, an activation link will be sent to the email id provided during registration process.

Users must check their email and click on the Activation link provided so that the Jhalak account creation process is completed. It is recommended that you log in with your credentials at to ensure all the credentials are working. Upon successful login user will be redirected to the Player Dashboard page.
Registration - If the player gets an Invitation
The player no need have filled the signup form; he needs to account activate his link from his email which is sent by Jhalak on request of an organizer, In this case, Jhalak Consider as the user is agreed the terms and Condition By default on the basis of Activation process and Creates the account Dynamically with all features as Singed up Users
Player Control Panel –Dash Board
This page shows a Players details like Name of the Player, Image, About Player Info Operation likes Tournament / League Request, Request to Join, Approved Requests.
Image comes here
Tournament / League Request
List of the Invitations from different Organizers, Here Player can accept the Invitation

Note: In case of USA Players, He needs to sign on wavier (which arrive from email), later he needs to come to here and accept the Invitation.
Request to Join League
The Player can request the Organizer to join the list of displayed Leagues by clicking on Request button.
Image comes here
And after requesting the League, the request will be sent to the Organizer and it will be displayed as follows as a message
Image comes here
And the player receives the mail with Tournament Waiver. And click on the Tournament Waiver, then a waiver form will be opened, fill all the required details and click on Submit.
Image Comes Here
Image Comes Here
After click on submit, it will redirect to the login page of the player. By the mail. Waiver acceptance will be sent by the Tournament Organizer. And the acceptance mail will be received by him, if he finalized.

Note: Once a player signed the waiver form for a particular tournament, he is eligible to play only for that tournament. And if he/she wants to play in another tournament, then he/she has to request team for the particular tournament and sign the waiver form too.
Approved Requests
If the Organizer Finalize player against to the Request made by the Player / Player Acceptance on Invitation, then it is displayed in the list here with the Tournament and League Names.
My account
A Player can update the profile and change the password using this page.
Update Profile
Except for the Email ID, the player can edit/update all the details like First Name, Last Name, Email Id, Short Name, Date of Birth, Select the Playing role, enter the Contact Number, Address, Description, Change/Upload the Image and Click on the Update button.
Change Password
The player can change the password by entering the Current Password, New Password, and Confirm Password. All fields are mandatory on this page, it is recommended that you login back to ensure that the changes are applied for update password.